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GD About Banner2Ginger Dragon was founded in 2003 by Michael Smith, and built on his love of Asia, his passion
for authentic ingredients, and vast experience of International trade.
The company boasts 50 years combined knowledge in ginger products and poppadums.

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Left: Michael Smith a Director at Ginger Dragon in China, surrounded by the organic ginger that has been recently harvested.
Right: Michael in the ginger field.

Over the last two decades, Ginger Dragon have made their mark on the manufacturing industry,
and have established lasting working relationships with suppliers and factories in both China and India.
It's clients include some of the largest and smallest food manufacturers in the UK and EU.

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Ginger Dragon is environmentally and socially conscious. The company is founded on a firm belief in organic farming and fairtrade and we believe strongly in corporate responsibility:

As part of our environmental commitment we avoid air freighting our products if at all possible. Our offices are environmentally friendly - we produce our own electricity and recycle 99% of materials used.

We are committed to supporting UK employment, companies and services. We are a 100% UK based company and all share dividends, charitable donations and remuneration remains in the UK and not paid to external owners, therefore stimulating the UK economy.

We actively participate in the following Charities and Associations: The Brooke Charity, The Sussex Wildlife Trust, Southern Lurcher Lifeline, and the British Tent Pegging Association.

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GD About Banner4Ginger Dragon is currently the leading UK importer of organic ginger products. We don't import Ginger from alternative origins, Ginger Dragon's principal supplier has its own dedicated growers.

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All our Organic Items are Soil Association Certified.
We have been Soil Association approved since 2003, and sucessfully converted our ginger co-operative to Fair Trade status in 2013.

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Ginger Dragon belongs to CAMPDEN BRI (Science, Technology, and Information for the Food, Drink and Allied Industries worldwide), and it's principal suppliers are BRCGS certified.

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Ginger Dragon sources ingredients carefully and builds longstanding relationships with suppliers and factories that hold the same standards and ethical principles.

We are particularly proud of our handmade and machine made Poppadums which are sourced from the finest Quality Manufacturer Exporter in India (Sedex B member) who holds BRC Grade AA certification and maintains high social and ethical standards within their manufacturing facility.

We are the only UK Importer & Trader of Organic Fairtrade Chinese Ginger, something we are very proud of having worked with our suppliers to set up the farmers co-operative in China and establish the supply chain from the field to storage and distribution in the UK and Europe.

All their raw materials are processed in-house and have 100% traceability.