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Asian Wholesale Food & Ginger Ingredient wholesaler in the UK 

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Introducing our new range of Fresh & Organic Ginger for manufacturers
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Ginger Dragon continues to operate normally during the current virus pandemic and with
no disruption or interruption to current supply.
Please feel free to contact us about your requirements, or if you you have any concerns.

We at Ginger Dragon distribute Asian food and ginger ingredients to wholesalers and food manufacturing companies across the UK.
We have been distributing the highest quality Asian food and ginger Ingredients for over 15 years.
Ensuring that every batch is sent with care and sourced from the best quality suppliers in the industry.
We have a diverse range of Asian food and ginger ingredients for professional manufacturers and wholesalers.
We primarily distribute a comprehensive selection of sweet and savoury ginger ingredients and industrial poppadum pellets which are
available in a variety of sizes to suit any application.

Some of our most popular Food and ingredients are:

Fresh Ginger
Crystallised Ginger
Ginger Syrup
Ginger Juice 
Poppadum Pellets
Soy Sauce
Noodle Nests
Black Salted Beans

We also offer a range of organic & Fairtrade ginger ingredients and products for manufacturers.
Retail packing is available on request. Whether you are heading up a new product manufacturing team or looking for wholesale food supplies,
we recommend you have a look at our online product catalogue for inspiration.

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