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Industrial Asian Ingredients for Professional Manufacturers

Product Description:

Our Poppadum (Raw Pellets) are available in handmade, machine made, and organic formats. They come in a host of flavours with 100% natural ingredients, as well as plain variant which is most popular. Salt levels can be adjusted on request.

Factory Certification

The factory of manufacture is BRC A* accredited.

Typical products include:

Hand made 1.5 inch raw poppadum pellets.

Machine made / Machine made, Hand finish


  • Plain
  • Crushed black pepper
  • Red chilli flakes
  • Green chilli and garlic
  • Cumin seed

Other flavours are available to New Product Development departments on request.


Raw Poppadum Pellets typically packed 16 by 1 kilo poly bags


Typical FCL 17 to 18 metric tonnes

UK contract servicing via UK store on pellets by arrangement


Poppadums are a lip-smacking crispy snack made traditionally in the South Indian State of Tamil Nadu.

The protein-rich Poppadum made with authentic Blackgram (dhal also known as lentils) is traditionally consumed throughout the year and comes in a mini snack size (1.5 inch raw)

Cheaper derivatives primarily made from potato starch with small amounts of black gram are available in the market but are not true, authentic poppadums.

Poppadums are often served as starters in fine dining restaurants or as a popular snack in quick service restaurants and taverns. The slightly salty, crunchy Poppadum is a great accompaniment for Beer and any Indian foods. Extra special with our Indian pickles and chutneys.

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