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Industrial Asian Ingredients for Professional Manufacturers

Product Description:

Ginger for this application is carefully selected for a warm flavour, free from all taints, a light golden colour, and no hard fibre. No bleaching agents are used.

All syrruped gingers are available in organic and fair trade.

Factory Certified

The factory is BRC A certified

Typical products include:

5 mm rough diced

8 mm rough diced

10mm rough diced

Ginger shavings

30/35, 40/45, and 80/100 ginger balls

Sweet ginger puree, smooth or chunky

Ginger bars/sticks

Chopping grade

Fourths irregular segment shapes


100kilo drums; 4x5 kilo or 2 x 10 kilo cartons.


50 cartons or 5 drums per pallet.

800 cartons or 200 drums per FCL.

UK Stock

Ginger dragon holds a comprehensive range of most of these items

EU Organic Certified Soil Association Organic Certified

Syruped Ginger

Syruped ginger can be used in jams, sauces, marinades, as well as bakery for cakes and biscuits. It is also widely used in bottling which was the most common form of preservation for a long time.

Ginger syrup contains the aroma and pleasant sweet ginger flavour. This is of great benefit in many applications as it will allow the ginger flavour to be present throughout the product.

The traditional product is a semi round or oval ball referred to as stem ginger. However, for the 21st century Ginger Dragon offers prepared products for the convenience of the modern manufacturer.

The term 'stem' was used to refer to the part of the ginger from where the stem grew, this being the youngest and most tender part of the plant.

The factory source only from their own dedicated growers. They do not import ginger from outside origins or in the open market.

Ginger Dragon visits both the factory and the growers on a regular basis.

New Fair Trade Ginger is now available

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