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Industrial Asian Ingredients for Professional Manufacturers

Product Description:

Our versatile range of organic ginger products contain no added preservatives, colourings, or flavourings.

The ginger is produced by dedicated growers on the upland areas of Fujian Province, southern China and preserved using traditional methods under the strictest quality control.

Our retail ginger is certified organic and fair trade is now available too.

Factory Certified

The factory is BRC A certified

Typical products include:

Organic Young Ginger in Syrup
250g, Net Drained Weight 130g

Organic Ginger Jam
Net Weight 227g

Organic Cystallised Ginger
Net Weight 130g

Organic Shredded Ginger in Ginger Juice
200g, Net Drained Weight 120g

Organic Ginger Puree
Net Weight 210g



UK Stock

Ginger dragon holds in stock Organic Ginger Jam and Organic Ginger in Syrup. Our other retail products are available to order only.

EU Organic Certified Soil Association Organic Certified

Retail Ginger

Ginger products can be used to add a distinctly asian twist to sauces and marinades, or to bring gentle warmth and spice to your home baking. Here are some examples of how the retail market can use our ginger products:

Young Organic Ginger in Syrup are hand cut balls of young ginger. Their warm flavour makes them ideal for home baking and desserts or chopped for ice cream, yoghurts, and savoury sauces.

Our organic ginger jam is ideal on toast, crumpets, and croissants, and valuable in a range of jar sizes.

Cystallised Ginger is small diced pieces of organic crystallised ginger suitable for snacking and adding to cereals, biscuits, cakes, and all creative home baking.

Spicy shreds of organic ginger are available in 100% pure juice. This Organic Shredded Ginger is great for stir-frys, curries, marinades and even mixed salads. Shredded organic ginger is also fantastic with baked and steamed fish.

Organic Ginger Puree is a signature ingredient in sauces and marinades.

New Fair Trade Ginger is now available

Retail Awards

The Ginger Dragon retail range won Best New Organic Product at the Brighton Natural Trade Show.

Our Organic Young Ginger in Syrup has also won Silver in the Soil Association Organic Food Awards.

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