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Industrial Asian Ingredients for Professional Manufacturers

Product Description:

Our ginger extract/juice is crushed from fresh ginger grown in the mountainous Fujian province SE China. We do not produce our ginger juice from concentrate.

It has consistent strength and flavour year on year (single strength, typical inclusion 3% with other fruit juices)

2 year shelf life from date of production

Factory Certification

Grade A BRC certified factory

Typical Products

Organic, Standard, and Fair Trade ginger extract/juice

Standard (stock item).

Filtered or clear (to order).


Convenient packing in 6 x A10 cans (net 2.84 kilo)


49 cases per pallet.

EU Organic Certified Soil Association Organic Certified

Ginger Extract

Natural, canned ginger extract/juice from Ginger Dragon is available in organic or regular format, with full traceability back to the field.

The factory only use dedicated grows to ensure consistent flavour and quality.

It takes approximately 3 kilos of fresh ginger to produce 1 kilo of canned ginger extract.

This product is intended for use in the production of soft and alcoholic drinks.

Fair Trade Ginger Juice is now available

New: Tumeric Juice also available now

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