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Industrial Asian Ingredients for Professional Manufacturers

NEW Fair Trade Ginger Available Now

Fair trade Crystallised Ginger available in icing sugar, castor sugar, raw sugar and organic sugar.

Fair trade Syruped Ginger, carefully selected for a warm flavour, free from all taints, a light golden colour, and no hard fibre. No bleaching agents are used.

Fair trade Ginger Extract/Juice crushed from fresh ginger grown in the mountainous Fujian province SE China. It has consistent strength and flavour year on year. We do not produce our ginger juice from concentrate.

Fresh Fair Trade Ginger

Fair Trade Sliced Sushi Ginger

Fair Trade Ginger Shreds (Brined or Pickled)

Fair Trade Pickled Ginger

Fair Trade Ginger Puree (sweet or savoury)

Fair Trade Ginger Powder and Ginger Flakes

EU Organic Certified Soil Association Organic Certified

Fair Trade Ginger

Fair trade ginger for professional manufacturers is now available as part of our extensive ginger product range.

Ginger is a versatile ingredient, available in from Ginger Dragon in standard and specialist formats for a variety of applications.

All our fair trade ginger is available in wholesale and industrial quantities for professional manufacturers.

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