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Product Description:

Crystallised ginger sold by Ginger Dragon is available in icing sugar, castor sugar, raw sugar and organic sugar. Fair trade crystallised ginger is now available too.

For crystallised ginger careful selection is made to ensure no hard fibre is present; the flavour is warm but not peppery and the colour is bright and fresh but without added S02.

Factory Certification

The factory is BRC A certified

Typical products include:

5 mm rough diced in icing sugar free flow

8/16 mm diced cubes in caster sugar

Irregular cut 12/22 mm in caster sugar

Irregular cut 12/22 mm in raw sugar

12mm exact diced

8 or 10 mm exact diced

17mm exact diced (130 / 160 pieces per kilo)

Crystallised ginger shavings

15x15x22/25 mm diced (Australian style)

12x6x6 mm, typically in icing sugar

Crystallised ginger balls in icing or caster sugar 30/35, 25/30, or 80/100 pieces per pound.

Ginger sticks/bars in icing sugar or caster sugar


Crystallised ginger comes in 4 x 5 kilo or 2 x 10 kilo cartons.


50 cartons per pallet via UK store or 800 cartons per FCL.

UK Stock

Ginger dragon holds a comprehensive range of most of these items

EU Organic Certified Soil Association Organic Certified

Crystallised Ginger

Crystallised ginger has many and varied applications.

It is suitable for confectionary (for enrobing and incorporation in say chocolate bars, cakes, and biscuits.

It can be used for decoration but is most popular when eaten on its own, and is widely sold in the whole food trade in a wide variety of formats.

The factory source only from their own dedicated growers. They do not import ginger from outside origins or in the open market.

Ginger Dragon visits both the factory and the growers on a regular basis.

New Fair Trade Ginger is now available

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