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By supporting us you are contributing to a carbon negative future.

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We are proud to be members of SEDEX - the organisation dedicated to empowering responsible supply chains. SEDEX are ethical suppliers of data exchange - assuring you of our high ethical standards as we source our ingredients in the UK and worldwide.
We are also proud to attain BRC agents and brokers certification. We were amongst the first in the UK to achieve certification and have been certified since 2016.   BRCGS was founded in 1996 by retailers who wanted to harmonise food safety standards across the supply chain. Today they  are globally recognised across both food and non-food categories and operate the most rigorous third party certification scheme of its type. Their  message is clear, they have the most rigorous schemes and the highest trained auditors giving you the best possible confidence in the supply chain.

“Click HERE for our Quality Policy which underpins this certification”

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With an active membership of Campden BRI we have access to cutting edge scientific, technical and advisory services needed to ensure product safety and quality, process efficiency and product and process innovation.  Monthly food law updates keep us up to date with emerging threats and changes to legislation to ensure our business remains fully 
prepared and protected.
Flo-Cert Approved
We are the only UK Importer & trader of Organic Fair trade Chinese Ginger, something we are very proud of having worked with our suppliers to set up the farmers
co-operative in China and establish the supply chain from the field through to storage and distribution in the UK and Europe.

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All our Organic Items are Soil Association Certified.
We offer Soil Association approved organic crystallised ginger, syruped ginger and ginger juice. We have been operating in the organic market since 2008 which shows our commitment to providing high quality ingredients with a concience.


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